Global High School Program

The CIEE Global High School program takes high school students from the United States to different corners of the world so that for a few weeks they can be part of communities so different from the one they come from (and so similar, at the same time). Global Discovery is one of the courses of the program and focuses on learning the narrative and technique of documentary film. The objective is to offer the students a tool that allows them to narrate their experience and reflect on the community in which they live during their stay in Seville. In this sense, the course has a deep connection with the philosophy of the CNMJ program and, specifically, with the subject Digital Video Reporting in Context. It is for this reason that we would like to show here some of the students’  projects, excellent and diverse examples that show, with the language of documentary film, the perception, the feeling and the reflection on the lived experience.

The final project of Micah Cruz, Argenis Nino, Alley Preda, Sydney Scott and Marina Sherman seeks to reflect on the experience of the student of Study Abroad in Seville from different interviews with their own colleagues. The result is a sensational work that shows the positive effect that an experience of these characteristics can have on its participants.

In their final project, Michael Bartsevich, Nick Shaw and Keith Purvis make a false documentary (or mockumentary) to inform us in a fun and original way about one of the phenomena that has changed the day to day of many Sevillians in the last years: the daily use of the bicycle for urban displacements.

Quin Gallagher says goodbye to Seville with an elegant and simple video that describes with wonderful images his experience throughout the program. A work that dispenses with words and allows the city, its space and its rhythm to speak for themselves.