The Best

In 2017, a well-known travel magazine recognized Seville as the best city to visit in 2018. In her final project, Arial Nieberding asked herself the following question: Which Seville? Because there isn’t just one. There is the artificial construction that strives to meet the expectations of many of the tourists who visit it and that is circumscribed to much of the historic center. And then there are the other Sevillas, those on the margins, beyond the city walls and where it is strange to see foreign visitors taking pictures with their cameras. Arial travels through these Sevillas and captures these less visible and more genuine everyday realities with –as 19th century painters, engravers, photographers and filmmakers did- fixed stamps. The voiceover with which the author ironically accompanies them is that of a commentator of the aforementioned magazine, and here is the great value of her work: to show the spectator, who laughs and hurts at the same time, the two sides of the coin.