Run Away from the Crazy Man


Every day, Fouad walks through the white and crowded streets of Tetouan. This middle-aged man is “dangerous for society.” He can be an old man somtimes, but also a child. Fouad is an ageing dreamer whose loneliness gives him premature comfort. He is thin, short, tanned and has deep eyes. People describe him as a bad Muslim and an even worse person. He fakes a smile, but he is actually cruel and unfair.

If you happen to run into Fouad in Plaza Primo, avoid him. Take care no one sees you walking side by side with this confessed atheistic, who hides to eat during Ramadam. Escape from this man, who treats women as equals and has got homosexual friends.

“Profesionally, I haven’t got anything, I gave everything to the NGOs for twenty years and I was left on my own, trying to change how things work. I would have liked to learn some new trades but I didn’t have any contacts. People don’t like the way I talk, they think I’m dangerous. The wealth of this country is not well distributed, my friend.”

With his head down and a sad smile that embraces his dishonor, Fouad disappears in the medina.